Building Faith

Message Summary

In this week’s message, Pastor Jordan Carter taught us how to build our faith. Sometimes, its hard to operate in faith when the reality we face counteracts the faith we are speaking. How do we build a faith that can withstand the demands of our reality? The first thing we need are blueprints. The Word of God is the blueprint for our life. The Word clearly point out what is true and what is a lie. When you know what is real, then you can recognize what is not. The word of God is the foundation of our faith.

The word is a record of the promises and the blessings of those who went before us. When you believe the word of God by faith, we can still experience those promises for ourselves today. The second thing we need to build faith is a hammer. Our hammer is our ability to speak the Word. It is the force behind our faith. We must speak the word of God to activate our faith. The Word of God in our mouth is a powerful tool to build up our faith.

The final thing we need to build our faith is a whole lot of nails. Our faith must be gritty. Our faith grows strong the more we apply it. As we keep hammering one nail of faith after another, we are fortifying and strengthening our faith. We must build up our faith!

Key Scriptures:
  • [Jeremiah 15:16 NLT] When I discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear your name, O LORD God of Heaven's Armies. 

  • [Jeremiah 23:28-29 NKJV] "The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; And he who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What [is] the chaff to the wheat?" says the LORD. 29 "[Is] not My word like a fire?" says the LORD, "And like a hammer [that] breaks the rock in pieces? 

  • [Hebrews 10:23 NKJV] Let us hold fast the confession of [our] hope without wavering, for He who promised [is] faithful.

Discussion Questions:
1. How does the Word of God grow your faith? 
2. Why is important that you speak the Word over your life? 
3. How can you hold fast to your faith? 

Life Application:
This week as you study the key scriptures, consider what Pastor Jordan said, “Real faith must be gritty faith, persistent faith that can withstand and that does not waver.” How do we keep our faith from wavering? We remember that God is faithful (Heb. 10:23). Where do you need to remind yourself that God is faithful, that you don’t have to give up so easily?

Where do you need to start speaking the Word of God and its promises over your circumstances? Where do you need to hold fast and trust God? It’s time to start building up your faith! “If God is for you, who can be against you?!” (Rom. 8:31) Trust God to do what he said He would do. The fruit of your life may be waiting on the faith you’re willing to give it.

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